• How to choose the right agent who provides logistics services in Novorossiysk?

    Demand for providing a full range of logistics services is growing by 20-30% per year. Transportation companies are embracing technologies of the customs business, the heads of the warehouses are purchasing trucks and begin to carry out international transportation. However, not all companies are able to provide services of the required quality. In a competitive environment, and with appearance on the market of a growing number of logistics companies the customers are increasingly turning their attention to the following aspects:


    Whether the company is the so-called one-day firm or not? The company's presence in the market under one name or brand during 5 years is desirable;

    What is the reputation of the company and its manager in the local environment? You need to pay attention to the number of years during which a manager or owner is engaged in activities in the field of provision of logistics services;

    Whether the parent company or its representative are registered as a customs representative included in the Register of Representatives of the Customs Service of Russia or not?

    Whether the company have so-called "good relations" with the certification bodies and partnership relations with the insurance companies or not?

    Does the company have a permanent office?

    Does it have its own assets (rolling stock, warehouses)?

    Today one of the most important aspects in the process choosing partners becomes established relations of the logistics company with numerous certification authorities and customs authorities that directly affects the efficiency and the ability to provide high-quality service at the stipulated time.


  • Do you need to carry cargo? Whom will be better to address - directly to the carrier or freight forwarder?

    At first glance, the answer seems obvious: "Of course, to the carrier!". In this case, the contract is concluded without the involvement of third parties and transport rates should be lower. But often, everything is exactly the opposite and the freight forwarder rate for the same type of service is much lower. What is the cause of this situation?


    The carrier prefers to work directly only with the freight forwarding organization that saves him from many unnecessary troubles, including clearance of cargo, documents and consultations for the customer. The carrier offers the freight forwarder more favorable conditions, thereby guaranteeing a stable work intensity for himself. In turn, the freight forwarders attract large companies by offering a lower tariff rate and a personal approach to each customer.


    This scheme is useful for everybody. The carrier and forwarder have long-term contractual relationship with the approved schemes of payments and obligations of the parties that which removes additional financial and time burden from both parties. The customer also get some benefits: a convenient tariff rate, an individual approach and a wide range of services from the forwarder help him to save time and money.




  • You have chosen an agent providing logistics and freight forwarding services. How to become convinced in his professionalism?

    A number of transport and logistics companies in Novorossiysk have been well over a hundred long time ago. Every year several small agencies with a staff of 3-7 people are appearing in the market. Often, their heads are former employees of large companies, who solicited a part of the customer base and several managers, promising more "mountains and marvels". It is important not to become a customer of such a "one-day firm" and ensure the professionalism of your future partners.


    First of all, pay attention to the following points:


    Experience of the forwarder work with similar cargo and/or transport schemes. If such experience is presented, the freight forwarder will help you to take into account all the features of transportation and avoid unnecessary delays;

    Will the organization provide you a personal manager, competent in all issues related to the joint activities? Over time, you will appreciate this cooperation scheme, because it will save your time and nerves.

    Whether the manager specifies many clarifying question about the composition and quality of your goods? In the future this fact will affect the transportation scheme and the more accurate the freight forwarder’s information, the more optimal rate and logistics delivery scheme.

    Is the freight forwarder able to respond to all your questions courteously and professionally and expeditiously? Experienced employee is always ready to be in contact with you and provide explanations for any issues and does not send you to other specialists for getting the information. If he does not contact you on a regular basis, think about it. Over time, there may be difficulties, but already at a crucial stage of transportation.

    Whether the employee is ready to discuss all the points and subtleties of a contract entered or proposes to enter into so-called "boilerplate contract"? Do you have the opportunity to visit the office of the company and meet personally with management body? All these aspects are speaking about reputation and reliability of the future partner.

    Turning to the subject of choosing rates, pay attention to the transparency of its components. The manager must specify all the components of rates, clarify whether it is calculated with VAT or not, and what conditions might cause it to change in the future, if possible.

    So, have chosen your future partner, you once again have to be convinced in its reliability, openness and organization. None of your questions can be unanswered, and the reputation of the freight forwarder can’t be brought into challenge.