10 november 2015  | Russian Federation

15 November Russia is introducing new tariffs on toll for heavy trucks over 12 tonns. This should raise some 50 billion rubles ($896 million) a year, that will go toward vital road repairs. Transport companies emphasize that this will increase product prices for goods transported by trucks by 20% at least. Government officials say that they will find compromising solution shortly.


31 october 2015  | Saint-Petersbourg, Russian Federation

According to half a year statement made by the Association of Sea Ports of Russian Federation. Sea freight volumes had increased by 3% in 2015 throughout all ports and shipping terminals in Russia.


17 october 2015  | Reykjavik, Iceland

Arctic Circle forum had taken place in Iceland. Guests discussed development prospects of Northern territories and shipping routs. Russian transport minister Maxim Sokolov had introduced the creation of  integrated transport communications and mechanisms of Russia in the Arctic.


16 october 2015 | Kiev, Ukraine

Tansport authorities of the Russian Federation and Ukraine had reached an agreement on the resumption of road freight for the fourth quarter of 2015.


5 october 2015  | Sochi, Russian Federation

International Investment Forum "Sochi-2015"  is a  platform for constructive dialogue between business and government started recently. At Forum on 2nd of October signed strategic agreement for creation of dry cargo seaport  "Taman"


14 September 2015 | Crimea, Russian Federation

According to data from Federal agency of air transport of Russian Federation. Local airlines delivered over 2,6 millions of passengers into Crimea towns and cities for the period of January - August 2015.


7 September 2015 | Moscow, Russian Federation

Russian government is enforcing the complex plan of road weight management for trucks and heavy vehicles. The program also involves building over 380 weight control stations all over Russian Federation. by the 2020.


3 September 2015 | Russian federation

"Transaeto" airlines will be taken over by the major Russian aviation company - "Aeroflot". According to "Transaero" accountsб it has total debt of 160  billion Rubbles; therefore, the company will be sold off for 1 Russian rubble. "Aeroflot" will take charge over operational management by 7 of September.2015.


22 August 2015 | Russian federation

Volume of  traffic of Russian trading ports rose by 3.2% from January 2014. As stated by the federal agency of water transport of Russian federation. In particular: traffic of dry cargo rose by 0.7%, coal by 3%, black metals by 12.9%, ferry cargo traffic 1,7 times.


20 August 2015 | Novorossiysk, Russian Federation

Company reports a solid increase in international air freight volume  by 12% Novotrust logistics had transported  total of  576 air freights in the period of January 2015 to august 2015.


15 August 2015 | Sevastopol, Russian Federation

Crimean town of Sevastopol is now connected with Turkish town of Zonguldak with a ferry services. Press release of the company states that Crimea will be getting all soft of supplies from Turkey among which: building materials, vegetables, general goods and services for the Crimean population


3 August 2015 | Crimea, Russian Federation

Russia is addressing West with sanctions towards commerce and trade, by blocking equities of American companies in Crimea, Sanctions also involve total ban of commercial operations with Crimean Ports (Sevastopol Port, Kerch Port, Evpatoria Portt and others) by American citizens and companies in Crimea,


29 July 2015 | Kyrgyzstan

In August Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan will remove customs and border control creating freedom for economic growth and trade stimulation. This was announced by deputy minister of Kyrgyzstan - Valery Dil during the meeting of Ministry of Energy' and Industrial board of Kyrgyzstan.


27 July 2015 | China

Chinese economy recession had decreased number of sea freight and containers into US and North America. Sea freight indexes continue to decrease between China and North American ports. According to CASS assessment, the slump of container transport had pulled down import of goods and services to US and Norther America in general.


13 July 2015 | Mosow Russia

Ministry of Defense of Russia and Russian Railways company had announced southern track avoiding Ukrainian borders. The new route starts in Zhuravka, Voronezhskaya oblast and  goes up to Milirovo in Rostovskaya oblast. This will eliminate Russian railway traffic crossing Ukrainian borders.


2 July 2015 | Saint-Petersbourg, Russia

The government of Saint-Petersbourg and Engineering Workers Guild had decided over the center of Import-substitution. It will be launched in September 2015 within walls of Lenexpo exhibition center on the During the of Russian Nautical board that took place in Saint-Petersbourg.


27 June 2015 | Alushta, Crimia

Noivotrust company featured as exponent at 2-nd Crimia Transport Forum. Forum took place in Raddison Hotel in Alushta. The main topic of the forum was building transport links and infrastructure between Russian Federation and Crimia Peninsula.


27 June 2015 | Latvia

According to ministery of transit politics of Latvia in january — april 2015 cargo volume of Latvian ports had decreased by 3,9% and reached 26,3 million tons, relatively to the same period of 2014.


19 June 2015 | China, Rizhao

Chiese government had initiated the launch of inter-Asian logistics park at the transport forum which was held in the Chinese city of  the Rizhao. Asian counties want to unity to create efficient infrastructure and increase trade among them/


11 June 2015 | Port of Los Angeles enters alliance with Auckland, Guangzhou

The newly formed alliance between Los Angeles, Guangzhou and Auckland provides a platform for growing trilateral cooperation to boost trade, innovation and investment opportunities between the public and private sectors of all three regions.


9 June 2015 | 2nd Crimea's Transport forum will take place in Alushta town on 25th to 26th June.

Novotrust logistics will be presented as an exhibitor. Leading the forum Russia's transport minister Maxim Sokolov. Thesis of the forum - renovation and integration of Crimea transport system into Russia's zone.


11 May 2015 | Latest Logistics study of Worlds Bank

According to Worlds bank rating - The Logistics Performance Index 2014 Russian Federation scored 90thout of 160 (for reference Russia had 95th place out of 155 in 2012). Biggest concern and negative influence to the rating has Russian customs


07 March 2014 | Russian Federation

The controversy concerning the payment of empty freight cars of the Russian Railways are continuing

Transportation of empty cars of the Russian Railways intended for loading is a matter of controversy concerning the costs caused by their transportation. Railway office argues that only the companies…


27 Feb 2014 | Far East

A number of container transportation is increasing in the Far East. Experts argue that the Far East have a tendency of container transportation. The steady growth in the use of containers says about the long-term emerged trend. According to preliminary statistics for…


21 Feb 2014 |  Novorossiysk

Commercial port of Novorossiysk will start functioning normally in March. Difficult conditions hindering coordinated work in the port of Novorossiysk, will run its course for the next few weeks. This was reported by the representatives of the commercial port administration…


16 Feb 2014 | Moscow, Russian Federation

Beliefs about the fullness of the warehouse market are questionable. Contrary to the assurances relating to the deficit of warehouses, currently the storages of class A located in the Moscow region are standing empty. More than 70 thousand square meters of the officially…


07 Feb 2014 | Saint-Petersbourg, Russian Federation

The terminal “New Haven” will appear in the registry of the ports of the Russian Federation. Leningrad region reported about the emergence of a new terminal in Ust-Luga. This is a “New Haven”, a decree on the introduction of which in the registry was made by Alexander Davydenko, head of Rosmorrechflot.…