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The company provides a full range of services for preparing goods for customs clearance, including obtaining the authorization documents and licenses, obtaining the preliminary classification decisions and expert opinions.

Novotrust Logistics provides a complex of customs services in the following customs offices:


Novorossiysk customs, Southern Customs Administration

Krasnodar customs, Southern Customs Administration

Seaport Temruk

Baltic Custom, North-Western Customs Administration


Benefits for our customers:


High-quality services of a personal representative of the customs, customs clearance services, declaration of goods and commodities;

Provision for the control structures of the required documents and additional data;

Coordination of customs clearance with other logistic operations (shipping, warehousing, transshipment, etc.);

Calculation of customs payments and their optimization.


Customs services


Novotrust Logistics is engaged in the organization and implementation of the various kinds of cargo transportation in all directions. Your consignment will be delivered to any place in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs, meeting the international rules and regulations.


Container transportation is a leading direction of the company’s activity. We provide the services, ensuring high quality, convenience and reliability. Our specialists in logistics will develop for you the best route of delivery, and experienced forwarders will guarantee the tracking of goods and their protection along the whole route.


The customers receive information about the cargo on around-the-clock basis from his personal manager. Novotrust Logistics provides freight transportation by road, sea and rail. Today, the company has reached a new level and is ready to provide air transportation services to its clients. Air transportation is a fast, and often the only way to deliver the cargo.


One of the most important links of the logistics chain is freight forwarding along the whole route of consignment. It is very important that the safety of cargo at all stages of its route is provided by the same carrier. Novotrust Logistics company has direct contractual relationships with major shipping companies and provides services in the major port terminals in the port of Novorossiysk:


Novorossiysk Maritime Trade Port OJSC - Central Customs Office.

Novoroslesexport OJSC - Western Customs Office.

Novorossiysk Junction Freight Forwarding Enterprise OJSC - South East Customs Office.

Novorossiysk Shipyard OJSC - South East Customs Office.

Kombinat Stroykomplekt OJSC - South East Customs Office.




Sea freight

Rail freight

Aero freight

Road freight


Certification is a mandatory procedure for import into Russia of a variety of goods. It includes a provision to the customs authorities of the certificates of conformity, hygienic conclusions, import licenses and other documents.




One of the services offered by us is the cargo insurance against all risks in the course of storage, transfer from one vehicle to another, loading of goods in the warehouses of the consignor and unloading in the warehouses of the consignee. The service may also include inspection of the cargo if it is damaged and settlement of the claims. Insurance services are always aimed at protecting the interests of the customer and timely payment of indemnification. We work only with insurance companies that have a mandatory state license.


Insurance services


Legal consulting of Novotrust Logistics company is a professional support of economic activities of the companies, not only in the field of logistics and cargo transportation, but also in the design and conduction of sale and purchase transactions, adjustment of contractual basis, preparation of internal documents.


Our relationships with the customers are built on the project management. Together with the representatives of your company we can form and design new solutions, develop effective supply chain management technology for your business.


Having a great life experience, Novotrust Logistics is ready to share it to improve the business effectiveness of our customers.




Consulting services